Have a Prodigal Son . . . or Daughter?

Candy Abbott, Executive Director of Mothers With a Mission

Candy Abbott, Executive Director of Mothers With a Mission

I’m praying today for moms and dads who are still waiting for their prodigal son or daughter to respond to God’s nudge to come home. I’m praying, too, for their safety until that day comes.

We never had the agony of not knowing where my stepson was, because he never left home. But Drew and I (and the whole family) journeyed with him through thirty-two torturous years of counseling, hospitals, rehabs, and courtrooms while he self-medicated and walked the addiction path that could have ended in death more times than we probably even realized.

His turnaround came gradually, with lots of failed attempts, but I can pinpoint the day he decided┬áto get clean and stay clean–I saw it in his eyes as he looked at his dad on the gurney, just out of recovery from open heart surgery, on his way to ICU. Professionals say addicts need to “hit bottom.” That day was Troy’s personal bottom. Reality hit him that his dad would not always be around to fix things for┬áhim. Today, at fifty years old, Troy is the godly son we always hoped he would be. He’s the one we turn to and lean on when things need fixed around the house. We never gave up hope. We never stopped praying.

If you have a son or daughter who is “lost” or headed down the wrong path, God is listening to your heartcry. Never give up. May this video be an encouragement.

At 2:43, My Heart Was In My Throat. This Prodigal Son Story Had More Than A Few Tears Flowing.