iMOM is Family First’s newest program, dedicated fully to all moms. The goal at iMOM is to help mothers raise their children in a way that increases their wisdom and stature while having favor with all those they come in contact with. iMOM has something for all moms. They place a high priority on resources that are practical, actionable, relevant and meaningful.

iMOM takes a unique approach to equipping moms. is where moms can find all of these resources and more. The Espresso Minute is iMOM’s daily email for moms. Currently there are over 2,000 parenting articles for moms on the site. iMOM’s most popular product are the free Printables. These are downloadable tools to help moms in their most important role – being a mom! The iMOM Media Monitor serves moms with detailed reviews of movies and music so they can be equipped and prepared for today’s media culture. iMOM has a thriving community on social media as well with over 40,000 moms on PinterestFacebook and Twitter.

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