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Founder and executive director of Mothers With a Mission, author, publisher, inspirational speaker, and grandmom, Candy Abbott sees herself as a “fruitbearer.” Writing is a labor of love and evidence of her life’s goal to exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) in all she does. She began writing in 1983, around the same time she co-founded Sisters in Christ, an interdenominational women’s ministry. Candy directs the annual Fruitbearer Women’s Conference, is a charter member of Southern Delaware Toastmasters, an elder and deacon with Georgetown Presbyterian Church, and founder/director of Delmarva Christian Writers’ Fellowship. She and her husband, Drew, have owned and operated Fruitbearer Publishing LLC since 1999. They have three children and four grandchildren, all in close proximity to their home in Georgetown, Delaware.

How to Discipline

Candy Abbott, Executive Director of Mothers With a Mission

Candy Abbott, Executive Director of Mothers With a Mission

Dr. Ed Young’s broadcast this morning (The Winning Walk) was on How to Discipline, which you can VIEW HERE. His insight really resonated with me, and I thought it might with you, too. Dr. Young says that he has designed all his resources (on parenting, family, marriage, overcoming problems, etc.) to be appropriate for home Bible study and fellowship groups.

I have ordered the Parental Guidance CD series for our Mothers With a Mission library and will have it available for loan. Here is the description of the series:

While most anyone can become a parent, successful parenting eludes many, as evidenced by the ongoing moral erosion of our society and nation. Even Christian families find themselves spiraling out of control as their children fall victim to drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, and even suicide.

That’s why Dr. Ed Young has prepared a life changing, yet easy-to-follow 3-message CD series, Parental Guidance. In this straightforward guide, Dr. Young reveals proven truth that every mother, father, and grandparent can immediately embrace in order to build and strengthen their family. Dr. Young draws from his own experience as a father of three, demonstrating how you can retool your thinking and actions to influence even the youngest of children with the words, attitudes, habits, and responses that will guide them through a hostile world.

Contains 3 messages + Bonus

Family Values
The Secret to a Healthy Family
How to Discipline
Bonus: My Three Son’s (Interview with Dr. Young’s 3 sons)

Righteousness Exalts a Nation

Candy Abbott, Executive Director of Mothers With a Mission

Candy Abbott, Executive Director of MWM

This audio sermon was given on July 5, 2015, by Rev. Dave Bergstrom at Kemblesville Church, a United Methodist congregation. It is for those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to America. May you be blessed and challenged to dig into the Word of God.

Every Woman MUST Hear This!

Every Woman MUST Hear This! from untilweflyaway on GodTube.

As a daughter of the King, we sometimes forget how much power, authority, virtue, and value that God has given us. In this gripping spoken word, you will be empowered and reminded of who you really are! Share this with your daughters, sisters, friends, and husbands share this with your wives. It is something that every woman must hear.

Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom


Let us know what you think about this. How important is religious freedom to you as a mother?


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