You Are Why I’m Here

Family Photo copyIt’s official. I bought our tickets back to Alaska for another season of fishing which means my life is a whirlwind until I step on that plane.

It’s already begun, so I’ve missed chatting with you these last couple of weeks. I was so grateful to share my friend Katrina’s post for the Mother’s Day weekend because I knew you’d be blessed (If you missed it, you can catch it here:¬† But afterward, life did what it does and went a little crazy for me. Our business is thriving which means lots of work. The homeschool year is winding down, which also means lots of work. And since we’re gearing up to head back to Alaska, it means–yep, you guessed it–lots of work.

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve shared with you and I’ve missed you. It’s funny that despite a screen separating us, I know we’re connected. Over the last year, this blog has moved from something I enjoy to something I deeply care about and that’s because of you. I love chatting with you and hearing from you in return. Each week, as I grab a cup of coffee and sip, I type with you in mind. I just want you to know that.

It’s been more than a year since I began writing here at Mothers With a Mission, and I’ve learned a lot. I still struggle with the technical side of things and I still find myself at 2 a.m. trying to change an image or fix a link, so I still have lots to learn. But one thing I want most to learn is more about you because you are why I’m here. I want to make your journey as a woman and as a mother a little smoother, with a little more joy and a lot less worry along the way. I want you to find a safe place here where you are encouraged and inspired, believing that you have a purpose that only you can fulfill.

In just over three weeks, I’ll be on our little stretch of beach we call home for the summer. It’s there that I get to unplug and actually have words roll into complete thoughts all in one sitting. Imagine that!¬†Before I go, I’m hoping to send out a survey (if I can figure out this survey program :-/). I hope you take the time to fill it out so I can learn from you and better serve you when I return in the fall. I promise it will not be wasted time. Oh, I’ll still post from Alaska, but since I have no electricity there, consistency is a challenge, but I’ll do my best.

Until then, be looking for that survey, and I’ll be looking forward to our next time together.

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