Happy Mother’s Day

Family Photo copyI just wanted to take a moment to wish each of you a day of rest and refreshment tomorrow. I pray it is a time of joy. For those of you who will struggle through tomorrow because of pain, loss, and strained relationships, I pray for you. I promise. You are not alone. I’m on the other side of this screen holding your hand and lifting your arms and praying you find peace.

As mothers, you are the bravest (and likely most exhausted) people I know, and I am so grateful for the time you spend with me because I know time is a precious commodity. While I may not know each of you personally, you are dear to me and I truly love to hear from you.

Please stop back by tomorrow to read a word of encouragement from my friend and fellow mama warrior, Katrina. I know it will bless you.

Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless!

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