Getting Through “One of Those Days”

01How are you? Are you having a day that you’d rather be doing…something else? Anything else? Are you finding peace hard to hold onto? I think most mothers would agree they love their families and enjoy them. However, there are “those days.” You know the ones I’m talking about–the days you dream of a fairy godmother knocking on your door to say “I’ll take it from here. Don’t you worry about a thing.” Then off you go–no dishes, laundry, time outs, or cleaning up. As I sit here and type, in fact, my 3 year old has had several time outs and is having a meltdown on the floor near my feet. A catnap occurred on the way to an indoor play area earlier, and now his patience (and mine) has worn thin. Coupled with a week of illness in the house, and its fairy godmother time.

Reality. The reality is we will have “those days”, weeks, and maybe even entire months. When I consider what a mom can do to get through these times, I think about staying focused. Daydreaming about what we don’t have or can’t have at that moment will only further our annoyance with our day, and ultimately with our kids, family, friends or coworkers. Staying focused means not focusing on the bad, but remembering how what we do will make a difference in the end. For instance, remembering that timeouts will help produce a self-controlled child or that bedtime is only an hour or two away will help take our eyes off the moment and see what’s ahead.

Being honest with our family in a loving way will also help. Even when we’re feeling down, we can still be honest and positive at the same time. “Hey guys, I’m having a difficult week, so just bear with me.” Or, “Keep it down in here kids. I need some rest.” When we communicate clearly and honestly, with love, it creates a better response from those around us.

Another way to get through difficult days is getting some much-needed rest. Plan for some alone time to think, and focus on having fun. Recently, I was having one of those weeks when I was feeling trapped and overloaded with too much time in the house with a sick toddler. So, I planned a mom’s night out. It was simple…Panera Bread and home. But it was just enough to feel refreshed enough to keep going when I returned.

As a wife, a mom, or a caretaker, it’s sometimes difficult to feel like there’s ever adequate time to rest. We may not have a fairy godmother, but we do have a heavenly Father who cares about us. He cares about us more than we care about ourselves at times. Our desire to be doing other things may just be God prompting us into a more balanced lifestyle. Or maybe He wants to hear more from us. Let these difficult days become a springboard for greater things and better days ahead.

Let’s stay focused, be honest about where we are, and get some rest. And more importantly, let’s trust God for peace as we look forward to better days rather than more of “those days” ahead.

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