To the Best Mom Ever–That’s You!

I rounded the corner at Walmart this week to hear “You’re the Best Mom Ever!” It would have been nice if it had come from my kids, but I enjoyed it anyway. Apparently a friend of mine had decided to buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner and Voila!–that made her the “best mom ever”. Go figure! Now why didn’t I think of that!

No, I had only folded forty-two pairs of socks (I’m sure) and wiped the millionth jellied fingerprint off the fridge and scrubbed chicken poop off my flip flops that got worn into the coop again and made sure my kids had a clean toilet to sit on. Somehow I think that might deserve a “Best Mom” shout, but it didn’t come that day. Or most days in fact.

And yet…

It is true. I am the best mom ever. To my kids. And you are the best mom ever to yours.

Kaila with baby Lyza.

In a world of warm fuzzy Facebook posts and Pinterest perfect parties, it is easy to feel like there is soooo much more we should be doing and doing it with soooo much more creativity, and still have time to scrapbook and journal it into eternity. But let’s face it, motherhood is often about getting through the day and being able to say you showered. Shaving your legs is often the only “extra” you can manage.

And that’s okay. Because the best mom isn’t found in the Facebook perfect pictures.

Can we just let that sink in for a minute?

No, the best mom ever is found in those ordinary moments when you read that same favorite bedtime story again to your toddler, or when you let your eight-year-old make the pancakes even though it’s going to make a huge mess and take twice as long. It’s when you listen with sympathy to the drama of your tween despite having heard it all before, and when you keep hugging your teens even on the days you don’t like each other very much. And then it’s when you pray and pray and pray for your adult children although they don’t know it and can’t really appreciate it yet.

Rita's IPhone 080

It is all those ordinary moments that strung together make an extraordinary life.

Best mom ever…you…don’t waste a single moment trying to be more like “so and so”. Your kids just need you. I know there are times you don’t believe that. I know there are days you know you blew it over and over and over again and nights you went to bed exhausted and sobbing and wishing you could take it all back. I know. I’ve been there.

Thankfully, “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart,” (Psalm 34:18) and “gives strength to the weary.” (Isaiah 40:29)

Now that long day is done and that night is over. And today you have another gift of time. It may not end up with anything worth tweeting about. You probably won’t receive any applause for answering to the call of “Mommmmmy” for the 150th time in an hour and you won’t likely get any recognition for staying up into the wee hours tonight to fold the laundry and put away the dishes. But it is enough. You are enough.

Yes, I know you make mistakes. But God never does. Of all the millions of women He could have given your children to, He gave them to you. You! And He tells you He’s got your back if you need it. “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “Do not fear. I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:14) Oh what a promise!

The ones I'm the Best Mom Ever to :).

The ones I’m the Best Mom Ever to :).

So sweet mom, if you are worn out and needing a little encouragement today, know this. You are the best mom ever! Not a perfect mom, but the perfect mom for your kids.

It is not in the big moments that you are the best mom ever. It is in the muddling through moments. It’s in the rotisserie chicken-because-I’m-too-tired-to-make-dinner moments. It’s not in all the things you wish you could do, but in all the things you already do day after day after day.

Thank you for all you do Best Mom Ever!

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