What Kind of Parent Are You?

MWM blogger

MWM blogger

Don’t ask me why I thought taking this kind of quiz was a good idea. Perhaps I thought I’d find answers to why I act the way I do. Maybe knowing I’m a tiger mom or ostrich mom would make my actions throughout any given day make more sense.

Ha! Just ask my husband what a ridiculous notion that is!

Instead, I realized that I can’t be categorized any more than my children can or should be. I don’t like labels for them and I found I don’t like them for myself either. They seem to trap us forever behind their tag. Don’t get me wrong, personality quizzes are fun and can offer insight into our particular bent, but they are often misleading and can leave us feeling either superior because of them or judged by them.

After all, I’m every type of mother and I’m no type ever considered. I think the same is true of all moms everywhere. There are days and situations that call me to be a tiger mom who fiercely drives her children and days that I am the hovering helicopter mom because my child may need more protection than usual. And what about when I am more ten-year-old than fortyish-year-old and become another little monkey jumping on the bed? What would I be called then? Otter mom? Wait! That wasn’t on the list.


My new-mama niece with her sweet one.

So what kind of parent am I? If you ask my children, I’m pretty sure four out of four will say a crazy one. Ask my husband, who’s crazy about me, and he’ll say I’m an awesome one.

Ask me and I say:

I’m a natural yeller who tries not to be.

I’m a comedian with no appreciative audience.

I’m an overscheduler and time-cruncher.

I’m a motivator, otherwise known as a demanding drill sergeant.

I’m a pusher of health food who can’t resist chocolate of any kind or ice cream.

But I am also,

A shameless cheerleader at soccer games and one-man (or girl) living room recitals,

A tireless nurse for any injury that band-aids and kisses can’t fix,

An unrivaled scones baker,

And a mother with four incredible reasons to keep on trying.


One of those owies that needed extra snuggles.

God says:

I’m a redeemed mother–one who constantly gets it wrong, and yet through grace and mercy, keeps seeing it turn out right.


So what kind of parent are you? How about the perfect one for your child!

I think I’d like to talk more about that sometime. But for now, trust me on it. Some days you will be more strict and firm, other days relaxed and flexible, and that does not equate to inconsistency. Rather, like the ebb and flow of the tide, it can be beautifully predictable unpredictability.

Who can possibly put one label on you, mothers? You are far too beautiful and important and all-encompassing to describe so simply, but Proverbs 31:29 says it best perhaps:

“Many women do noble things,
but you surpass them all.”

I hope you believe it.

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