The Grandmas are Coming!

The Grandmas are Coming!

The Grandmas Are Coming
by Julia Loren

I was just waking up, and in that drowsy state it was as if an angel whispered in my ear, “The grandmothers are coming.” I could have dismissed it as the tail edge of a dream, but the next morning I heard it again. And the following morning. Finally, I sat up and began listening for the more complete word the Lord was speaking. It was just about a week ago that a more complete word emerged, and this is what I believe the Lord is speaking:

In Luke 2:36-38, we read about Anna, a widow who happened to be a woman given to prayer: “Coming up to them at that very moment, she gave thanks to God and spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem.”

How did she see the true identity of this infant? She entered into continual awareness of God’s presence through prayer. Prayer was the intimate dialog between herself and God, her true and constant Companion who met her in prayer and would tell her His secrets (see Luke 8:10) because of their close relationship.

So, if you are a grandmother, this is your time to “see” the unseen in the younger ones among us and call it forth. The world has need of you. And what is to come needs those who will call it out in the young and release it through intercession.

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Julia Loren is a prophetic author of several books including Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power, Claim Your Anointing and The Future of Us: Your Guide to Prayer, Prophecy and the Coming Days. She lives on an island in the Pacific NW.

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About Candy Abbott

Founder and executive director of Mothers With a Mission, author, publisher, inspirational speaker, and grandmom, Candy Abbott sees herself as a “fruitbearer.” Writing is a labor of love and evidence of her life’s goal to exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) in all she does. She began writing in 1983, around the same time she co-founded Sisters in Christ, an interdenominational women’s ministry. Candy directs the annual Fruitbearer Women’s Conference, is a charter member of Southern Delaware Toastmasters, an elder and deacon with Georgetown Presbyterian Church, and founder/director of Delmarva Christian Writers’ Fellowship. She and her husband, Drew, have owned and operated Fruitbearer Publishing LLC since 1999. They have three children and four grandchildren, all in close proximity to their home in Georgetown, Delaware.

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